Saturday, June 22, 2013

multi color stripes!

sunnies-opitz outlet $2

necklaces-thrifted and len druskin $5and $6

vest-target $22

I went to Opitz outlet the other day looking to see if they had any good stuff.
Yes i shop there a lot!
They just have so many good things for really cheap
even Homeware.
I found this super cute dress! I love american rag this dress had a really small rip and it was $54 originally.
The demin vest is a nice extra touch and makes it looks really laid back.
Until next time!
Photo by:Mike Wessel

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Polka Dot Dot

Heels:target:$14 (sale)

Had fun once again with this shoot. The weather was okay, not really sunny at all sigh getting really tired of this bipolar summer. I really need to get out of town and go somewhere warm and sunny. I recntly bought some things from Opitz clearance, i must say i found some pretty goood stuff. I will be posting soon.

photography by: Mike Wessel

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tribal print

chambray shirt-heartbreakers:22,skirt-H&M:$7.50 sale,shoes-len druskin:$24sale

Another fun shoot with micheal the other day, only problem it was over a 100 degrees!
It was so hard trying to shoot in all that heat! I was soaked in sweat but i still managed.
I really liked the color of this skirt and how the colors just all come together.
The chambray shirt just tones down the really bright colors in the skirt nice for a daytime outfit.
Photography by:Mike Wessel

Sunday, May 12, 2013

summer love

 Beanie-forever 21 $3
dress-local store$4
cardi-Opitz outlet$1
sunnies-len druskin$5
bag-Opitz outlet$1

fun shoot i did with Mike at the walker art center sculpture garden. I need to come to this plce more often, its was soo beautiful on a warm sunny day. Perfect for a nice walk to look the sculptures or read a book.
photograpy by: Mike Wessel

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Crochet and Jean

dress-Opitz outlet $5
crossbody bag-H&M $12
cork heels-Opitz outlet$17
sunglasses-Len druskin$5
I love this dress! In the spring/summer i wear more feminine pieces mosty neutral colors and pastels.
I love anything that's floral,lace,cream, and nude. The shoes were the perfect accessory for this cream crochet dress!    photo by: Mike Wessel

Saturday, April 13, 2013

mint and birds

Boots-ninewest $1(opitz annex $1 sale)
scarf-$10 len druskin
Alice in wonderland tote-$15 len druskin
I have been very into birds lately, so the pastel color plus the birds really caught my eye.
the color is so spring and its really soft. it doesn't keep you warm, so it's a perfect spring/summer scarf it's very light and thin. I was also very excited when i found this tote. It's good quality and it has such a cool print of Alice and the Mad by: Micheal Wessel

Saturday, April 6, 2013

kinda like spring

                                                                           Jacket-Opitz Outlet $26
                                                                           Top-Macy's(sale) $18
                                                                            pants-Opitz annex $1
                                                                            Boots-H&M(sale) $10
                                                                            Shades-Len Driskin $5
Perfect day for a bright jacket, i don't really care for bright colors but i need to add more colors to my wardrobe.I love my blacks, grays, and neutrals it's spring time to brighten up.                                               
I thought that touches of gold would look great with this look.

until next time!

photography by: Micheal Wessel



Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Purple Haze

Pullover-H&M(sale) $7
Dress-H&m(SALE) $7
Boots-H&M(sale) the other day everything was 50% off!
Grabbed a few items from H&M the other day. They just built one in here uptown Minneapolis, so i have been paying a few visits.
They have good quality clothes for cheap prices.

Do any of you like shopping at H&M what do you like about it?

Photography by: Michael Wessel


Friday, February 8, 2013

"I'm a million different people"

Pants:free people
Top:Micheal Kors

I got the clothes from Opitz outlet a local store that sales damaged designers for super cheap. I got the top and pants for a dollar!
I don't really care about the names,but its clothes that i would never buy because of the price.
It  helps me step out of the box and put together outfits i would have never thought of.
They have a dollar clearance every 3 weeks so i make sure to check them out.
Depending on how severe the damage is i leave as is or i fix it.Something like a tiny hole or a dye stain that can easily be removed.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

In and Out

In and Out
Set i put together on polyvore.

Madewell stripe dress

Jeffrey campbell sandals
$190 -

Leather clutch
$93 -

Bracelets bangle
$7.16 -

Forever 21 owl ring

Tom Ford black optical
$230 -